Awards and Scholarships

Alice and Arianna at CSIRO Christmas Par
Alice at CSIRO Christmas Party in Tasmania, Australia in 2018 during a two-month-long research internship under a CGS - Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement. 


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS, 2020-2023)


Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS, Awarded and Declined)


Canada Graduate Scholarships - Masters (CGS-M)

Canada Graduate Scholarships - Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements (CGS-MSFSS)

CGCS Graduate Student Research Award

General Motors Women in Science and Mathematics Award


Queen Elizabeth II - Graduate Scholarship in Science & Technology (QEII-GSST)


Douglas Pimlott Graduating Award, School of Environment, University of Toronto, 2016-2017

UTSU Sustainability Commissioner Honorarium, University of Toronto, 2017

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Scholarship, for Master's Program, 2017-present


NSERC USRA, 2015-2016

Chachra Family Chemistry Award 2015-2016

Arts and Science Environment and Science Scholarship 2015-2016

Douglas Pimlott OSOTF Award, School of Environment, University of Toronto, 2015-2016

Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 Nominee, Starfish Canada, 2015-2016


NSERC USRA, 2014-2015

Pimlott Entrance Scholarship, School of Environment, University of Toronto, 2014-2015

David Redman Chemistry Prize 2014-2015

Dean's List 2013-2014, 2014-2015

Milne Research Award, April-August 2014

Everyday Political Citizen, Samara Canada 2015



Think Beyond Plastic (R) Startup Competition - Semi-Finalist 2013-2014

General Motors II Award, Victoria College (2013-2017)

University of Toronto Book Award 2013

Schulich Leader Nominee 2013


Before 2013

Canadian Federation of University Women: Biology Award, 2013


Athletic Awards (for Badminton)

My Badminton Club Affiliation: RWBC (Ray Wong Badminton Club)


2020 Bujak Open WS Finalist

2020 Bujak Open WD Semi-Finalist

2020 Gatineau ABC (Quebec) WS and WD Participant


2019 George Brown Open WS Semi-Finalist

2019 OUA Team Event Champions - UofT 

2019 Yonex Canadian University/College Badminton

Championships WS Consolation Semi-Finalist

2019 Bujak Open WS C-Flight Champion

2019 Bujak Open WD B-Flight Semi-Finalist

2019 4U Open WD A-Flight Champion

2018 Unlimited Open WS Champion

2018 Unlimited Open WD Finalist



2018 Ryerson Winter Open WS Consolation Champion

2018 OUA Team Event Champions - UofT (made Roster, won WS against Ottawa and won WS against Carleton) 

2018 Ridgeback Summer Open WD Consolation Champion

2018 Unlimited Badminton Open WD Finalist

2018 Unlimited Badminton Open WS Champion

2018 UOIT Invitational - Team Event Bronze Medallists (UofT Varsity Blues)

2018 UOIT Invitational WS Consolation Finalist

2017 Ontario Elite Series WS Participant

2017 OUA Team Event Champions - UofT (made Roster, won WD match against Ryerson)

2017 George Brown Open WS Finalist 

2016 Yonex Junior and U23 National Championships WS Quarter-Finalist

2016 Yonex Junior and U23 National Championships XD Consolation Finalist

2016 George Brown Open WS Champion

2016 McMaster Open WS Finalist

2016 McMaster Open WD Consolation Champion

2016 Ryerson Summer Open WS Semi-Finalist

2016 Harwood Summer Open WS Finalist


2012 York University Pre-OFSAA Open WS Champion

2012 York University Pre-OFSAA Open WD Finalist

2012 York University Pre-OFSAA Open XD Finalist

2011 TDBA Badminton City Championships WS Champion

2011 OFSAA Badminton WS B-Flight Finalist

University Athletic Awards

Bronze T, 2018-2019

University of Toronto Varsity Badminton Team, 2016-2019

High School Academic Awards

Canadian Federation of University Women, Biology Award 2012-2013

Highest Overall Average, Silver Medal 2012-2013

Highest Overall Average, Gold Medal 2011-2012

Highest Overall Average, Gold Medal 2010-2011

Highest Overall Average, Bronze Medal 2009-2010

High School Athletic Awards 

Four-year Team Award, 2012-2013

MVP, Badminton Team, 2011-2012

MVP, Badminton Team 2010-2011

MVP, Badminton Team 2009-2010

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