• Alice

Great childhood memories

Saturday, Mar 21st, 2020 - I have to say I have very fond memories of my childhood. I think it is the product of being raised by loving parents and relatives - especially my mom who was willing to do anything in her way to fill my life with happiness. I thought of this as I was doing footwork and exercising in a nearby park (it's virus season and all of the badminton centres are closed) and saw a middle school with a playground. I loved playing in playgrounds as a kid and my favourite equipment were the monkeybars and sliding pole. Despite being bullied for a good portion of elementary and middle school, I think I made some good friends, enjoyed my classes, and had fun during recess. I went wild during recess - tag, dodgeball, throwing tennis balls, skipping... it was quite fun! Immigrating to Canada was a huge privilege now that I think back on it, and indeed some sacrifices had to be made; i.e. making new friends, learning English, learning a new culture... but in the end we made it work!


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Saturday, March 21st, 2020 - I started playing badminton when I was 10 because my Dad forced me to play. At first it was backyard badminton, when we used to live at Strathmore, but later he brought me

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