Articles Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Alice answering questions about her Master's research on microplastics pollution in San Francisco Bay as part of a panel at the symposium, Science & Solutions for Microplastics Pollution, in Berkeley, California in October of 2019. From left to right: Alice, Meg Sedlak (SFEI), Diana Lin (SFEI), Alicia Gilbreath (SFEI), and Carolynn Box (5 Gyres).

Hung, C., Klasios, N., Zhu, X., Sedlak, M., Sutton, B., and Rochman, C. (2020). Methods Matter: Methods for Sampling Microplastic and other Anthropogenic Particles and Their Implications for Monitoring and Ecological Risk Assessment. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, doi: 10.1002/ieam.4325 (Master's work). 

Zhu, X., Nguyen, B., You, J.B., Karakolis, E., Sinton, D., and Rochman, C. (2019). Identification of microfibers in the environment using multiple lines of evidence. Environmental Science & Technology, doi: (Master's work).

Gilbreath, A., McKee, L., Shimabuku, K., Lin, D., Rochman, C., Zhu, X., Grbic, J., and Werbowski, L. (2019). Multi-year water quality performance and mass accumulation of PCBs, mercury, methylmercury copper and microplastics in a bioretention rain garden. Sustainable Water in the Built Environment, 5(4): 04019004. doi: 10.1061/JSWBAY.0000883 (Master’s work).

Rochman, C.M., Brookson, C., Bikker, J., Djuric, N., Earn, A., Bucci, K., Athey, S., Huntington, A., McIlwraith, H., Munno, K., De Frond, H., Kolomijeca, A., Erdle, L., Grbic, J., Bayoumi, M., Borrelle, S.B., Wu, T., Santoro, S., Werbowski, L.M., Zhu, X., Giles, R.K., Hamilton, B.M., Thaysen, C., Kaura, A., Klasios, N., Ead, L., Kim, J., Sherlock, C., Ho, A., and Hung, C. (2019). Rethinking microplastics as a diverse contaminant suite. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 38(4): 703-711. doi: (Master’s work)

Zhu, X. (2015). Optimization of an elutriation device for the filtration of microplastic particles from sediment. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 92(1-2): 69-72. doi:

Papers for Course Essays and Independent Research Projects

Characterization of CO/CO2 in the Greater Toronto Area (Fourth-year honours thesis)

Dynamics of the Paris Climate Summit, its Comparison to Copenhagen, and Analysis of Success Factors of International Climate Negotiations (research from COP21)

Papers and Conference Abstracts Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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