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To Get Climate Change Discussed in the Election, We Also Need it Raised in the Debates!

Template letter I wrote for ClimateFast in 2015:


Climate Change Matters to Canadians! Make climate an election debate topic. SIGN THE PETITION OR WRITE A LETTER!

Climate change is severe, and it is right here before us. It is an issue that cannot be ignored, and which federal parties need to address. The impacts of climate will affect younger generations the most, and we need to stand up for their futures by making sure that climate change is a debate topic in the federal election debates leading up to the federal election on October 19 of 2015.

If climate change is included as a topic in at least one of the leaders’ debates, then Canadians will have an opportunity hear their leaders speak about their positions on of climate change and what their party will do about it. This is the perfect chance to help Canadians make the right choice in choosing the party with the most climate-friendly policies, (and to channel the positive energy of the March for Jobs, Justice, and Climate into real change in the upcoming elections. )

To support the campaign to make climate change a federal election debate topic, please visit our Avaaz petition and consider signing on. Our Avaaz petition includes a link to our official request letter to the debate organizers.

Here is a template email to send to your friends and family to spread the word:


there is an important petition going around to make sure climate change is an issue in this year's federal election debates. The debates have traditionally been hosted by a consortium of broadcasters from various networks such as CBC and CTV. This year, there are several debates being hosted by different organizations. We are petitioning all of this year’s federal election debate organizers - the broadcast consortium, TVA, The Globe and Mail/Google Canada, and Maclean's magazine - to make climate change a debate topic in their debates. Our goal for the petition is to reach enough signatories to make the broadcasters aware of Canadians' concern for climate change. We are currently contacting the news stations to enquire the number of signatories needed to make our goal a reality. We hope that at this point in time, you will support this petition by signing on.

Thank you very much,

Endorsers of making climate change as a federal election debate issue”

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