Research and Work Experience

2019-2020 (PhD)

PhD Student, Rochman Lab, University of Toronto, 2019-present

Laboratory Teaching Assistant, CHMA11H3, Introductory Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms, Winter 2020

Teaching Assistant, EESB18H3, Natural Hazards, University of Toronto Scarborough, Fall 2019

National Biology Competition Administrative Assistant, University of Toronto, April-July 2019

2017-2019 (MSc)

Master's Student, Rochman Lab, University of Toronto, 2017-2019

Laboratory Teaching Assistant, BIO120H1, Introduction to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto, Fall 2017

2014-2017 (BSc)

Honours Thesis in the Murphy Lab, Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto, 2016-2017

Work-Study Student, Murphy Lab 2015-2016

NSERC USRA, Department of Chemistry, Murphy Group, University of Toronto, 2015-2016

NSERC USRA, BioZone, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto 2014-2015

​UTSU Sustainability Commissioner 2015-2016, 2016-2017

VUSAC Sustainability Commissioner, Victoria College 2014-2015


Harbourfront Centre Summer Festival Volunteer 2011-2013

Anne Johnston Health Station Logistics Volunteer and Youth Advisory Committee Executive Member 2009-2013

Heart and Stroke Foundation: Phone Volunteer 2009-2010, Heart Month Captain 2010-2011 and Zone Leader 2011-2012

Vari Coffee Deli and Old Sheppard Variety Store Cashier, Manager, and Employee 2006-2012

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