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Laboratory Teaching Assistant,  CHMA10H3, Introductory Chemistry I: Structure and Bonding, University of Toronto Scarborough, Winter 2024

Guest Lecturer, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, California, USA, October 2021

Teaching Assistant, EESB18H3, Natural Hazards, University of Toronto Scarborough, Fall 2019

Laboratory Teaching Assistant, CHMA11H3, Introductory Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms, University of Toronto Scarborough, Winter 2020

Laboratory Teaching Assistant, BIO120H1, Introduction to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto, Fall 2017


Guest Speaker, Seminar Series, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, April 2023

Guest Speaker, Graduate Student Seminar Series, University of Toronto Scarborough, November 2020 


Visiting Research Scholar, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, USA, January-December 2023

Visiting Research Scholar, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Tasmania, Australia, November-December 2018

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